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About Coelus FPL
CoelusFPL is a web-based flight planning application for light aircraft. It uses Bing maps to provide a geographical presentation of:
  • Airports: locations, current and forecast weather
  • Airways: upper and lower
  • Navigation aids: VORs, NDBs and intersections
  • Notams: up to date notams by FIR
  • GFS weather forecasts: Cloud, icing and precipitation
CoelusFPL also includes:
  • Airport charts including ground plans, SIDs, STARs and Approach Plates
  • Database of handling agents, facilities e.g. Hotel and taxi contacts, user feedback and photos.
  • User defined aircraft including climb, descent and cruise performance figures.
CoelusFPL enables you to overlay selected weather charts and NOTAMs on your flight plans; and printable preflight briefing containing:
  • Printable IFR plog and fuel plan for your aircraft using wind at altitude forecasts
  • Latest enroute NOTAMs (graphically plotted where possible)
  • Latest current and forecast weather for origin, destination and alternate

Generate IFR flight plans using the CFMU route proposal tool. Validate and file your IFR flight plans with CFMU.

Important Notice: CoelusFPL is a trial product and currently available for free. It will be available only as a paid subscription later in 2017 and may be withdrawn without notice.

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